Welcome to the Milford Strummers website. This is a group that is for people who play strumming instruments in Milford and environs. It is NOT a class! The idea is to get together, play a few songs, and have fun. All standards are welcome, although if you cannot play at all, it might be worth checking with me first and I will tell you a few chords to learn so you can join in. I am not a good guitar player, myself, but I am keen to improve.

We meet in the Guide Hut from 7 to 9pm.

Well done on our first performance of 2015 – our playing at Love Milford Week was fun, and the choir loved it.

There are some images of us from this year and the previous occasions – if any one has some more images  I am happy to add them too. Go look at the images – Enjoy! I have bigger versions, if you want them.

Lynk Photography, who rook images all week  have a couple of good images too (here and here), I like them – I am hidden!

We play a range of songs from easy 3 or 4-chord ones to some more difficult songs. I am behind with putting songs up, but will make an effort to catch up soon.

Thanks and I hope you fancy coming along and having some fun.

Richard – email me at “Richard at MilfordStrummers dot co dot uk” (format as an email address)