Using Onsong

Instruction for using onsong on the ipad
For this to work you need two things,
     1/ you need to buy Onsong in the app store,
     2/ you need to have a dropbox account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account ask me and I will invite you, and talk you though setting up if needed.
Once you have got Dropbox up and running, I can send you an invite to join the shared strummers folder.
You must accept the invitation to the shared folder I sent you (as an email).
To load the songs
To get songs loaded into Onsong. open the on Onsong app on your ipad.
Click on Songs in the top left corner of the app.
In the bottom left corner, it say all songs, click this. Here you can make a book to hold all the strummers songs. I suggest you call it Strummers. You can make several books if you want, which would allow you to keep you own song separate if you wanted.
Open the book that you want use to import the songs.
In the bottom right corner of the left hand panel, there is a plus (+) sign. If you click this you should get a menu up which allows you to do all sorts of things.
Under import you should find Dropbox, (you may have to log into it at this point – I cant remember!)
Choose Dropbox, and then the folder – in our case “Strummers Onsong“.
This should then show you a long list of songs.
All the song that are in dark text are new, ones you already have are in grey.
Go down the list and select the ones you want, and press import – it will take a few minutes for a complete set – a few seconds for an individual song. The you are good to go
To Update songs once up and once running
When I send round new songs I also put the correct file in the dropbox folder.
To get it from Dropbox, open the Onsong app, press all songs as before
then the + sing on the bottom right of that panel, chose import, then find the Dropbox and  browse to “Strummers Onsong“.
All the songs you already have grey, any new ones songs should be in bold.
Click on each one you want, and a tick will appear next to it, then click import on the top right.
That all folks!