5 thoughts on “First Sunday

  1. Lawrence Mills

    Richard I would like to come to the strummers for the first time on May 3 how do I find what songs you will be playing on that day so I can at least have a bash at them.


    1. Richard Post author

      Hi Lawrence – We don’t usually plan that far ahead! If you are happy with G C and D you can play quite a lot of what we do – we do use Capos quite a lot to keep the songs simple – I have one you can borrow if you haven’t got one

      1. Lawrence Mills

        Thank you Richard I have a capo and can manage chords C, G, and D. I look forward to having a strum with you all a week tomorrow.


  2. Ray Bridges

    Hi Richard I came along on sunday and really had a very enjoyable evening thank you very much look forward to your next session

    Regards Ray Bridges

  3. annette williams


    I would love to join your club as a beginner I have played a guitar before
    Can you let me know your next meeting I live in Bournemouth
    01202 056313 if you can give me a call


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