Set List

The probable set list for the May 17th gig ( depending who is available) is from

17th May 2015 – From 2.00 – 2.45 On the green – bring a chair, or you can stand up

Firewater                                                                                                 Jon

Looking back, over my shoulder                                                    Mike Thorp

City of new Orleans                                 in D                                     Mike Hartley

Substitute                                                                                                Del

Singing the Blues                                                                                  John

Take it Easy                                                                                             Pete H

Farewell Angelina                                                                                 Peter M

Bring It On Home To Me v2                                                              Jon

I don’t want to talk about it                                                              Mike T

I still Believe                                                                                           Del

Wagon wheel                                                                                        Jon

Fisherman’s blues                                                                                Peter H



The letter

Me smile

Country Roads

Folsom Prison Blues

This Land is Your Land

I’ll fly away


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